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What tethered systems are out there?

Hey, i am looking for a tether system for my quad (around 4kg, 1200w max).
all the systems are found are around 25.000$ which is honestly too much for me.

Any advice, or DIY sollution?

Well, if that price range is out of your reach then tethered systems are out of the question. The only sub 20K is the Elistair Light-T. It has no automatic winch but capable to provide 1200W continous power for 60/70meters tether.

You can try DIY but only if you familiar with high voltage. Usually the mains voltage is transformed to 600-800V DC sent thru the tether cable then transformed back 50V…(Assuming a 12s system)

Copting GmbH has a system that might cover your needs.

Dear aamadeuss,

We can help you to develop a low-cost solution. Please provide more insight into the problem.

Thanks & Regards,
Mohit Gupta

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