What Tablet?

I’m trying to find the best tablet for the job of running and communicating with IRIS.
Can anyone give me some sugestions. Ive seen some but just not sure what is the best tool for the job.

My $.02, get a Nexus 7 (2103) Version.

It support USB OTG so you can use the 3DR radios with DroidPlanner and be all set.

I tried a Samsung but it didn’t support USB OTG so you’d have to find a Bluetooth Bridge.


I used to use a Nexus 7 2013 but found the plug and general setup cumbersome. I recently traded it for an Asus TF101 which is a tablet/laptop convertible and has 2 USB ports. It works really great for ground control and the 18 hour battery life means I don’t have to bring a laptop charger and inverter anymore. I’d try to get any kind of convertible with a real USB port. By the way, the TF101 with charging dock is available for under $300. It’s a little slow, but is much better after rooting, custom ROM, and overclocking.

If you already have an iPad and you don’t want to purchase and keep track of / learn how to use two tablets this may be an option:


It looks like they’ll be coming out very soon now.

Well just a heads up for this one i bought mine from Tablet Technologies. You can check their site for more information. And another thing IRIS can run in Android or iOS Tablet. Hope this will help. Goodluck!

I have one of these Toshiba Thrive. 10" screen, removable battery, and a FULL size USB port! Works great with Droid Planner. I also got a 7" Nexus, it’s a little lighter than the Thrive. If I recall, I paid around 5 or 6 hundred for my Thrive when it first came out, what a price drop!