What sparks can drones and robotic arms produce?

We want to design a two-arm manipulator and combine it with a drone. Do you think there is an application scenario?Is there a manipulator recommended to us.


The flying robot arm is quite a challenging concept, its like the flying tank:

What I mean is a fixed robotic arm is build for precision positionning relative to an abbsolute “zero” reference where the manipulator is attached to. The design is made for precision, strenght and repetivity. Weight, power and associated peripherals (like processor) are build for fixed industrial environment where power and weight is not an issue.

Drone are made to be lightweight, agile and carry payloads that must be optimized to reduce power.

Positionning of a Flying Robot is decimetric that is not really sufficient for robotic arms that are designed to me millimetric / micrometric.

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