What parameter tells QGC that the compass is calibrated?

Since my initial manual compass calibration, I routinely run MagFit to update the compass offsets.

A few days ago, Qgroundcontrol on my HereLink started warning that the compass was not calibrated. It didn’t prevent flight - but it clearly wanted me to do a calibration.

Does anyone know what parameter Qgroundcontrol might be looking at to determine of the compass requires calibration?

Many Thanks!

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it’s probably not Qgroundcontrol telling you that but the drone itself. Your app is just relaying that message to you.

I would do a calibration since the vehicle wants it. I don’t think there’s any parameter to change that would make this error go away. The only thing would be to remove the prearm checks if it won’t let you arm but doing a compass calibration would be best.

If it still won’t go away than there might be another problem. It the vehicle very large or can you do the calibration dance? I think that’s the easiest way to get rid of it

Thanks Axel -

The copter is a Tarot X4 - weighs about 11 pounds. I can do the “calibration dance” - and then reload my MagFit offsets - but I’d sure like to avoid it. Especially since my next copter might be even larger…


That won’t do anything useful. MagFit overwrites all of the manual calibration values (and then some).

You’re likely getting a prearm warning. Not sure why it would crop up suddenly like that.

Did a previously disabled internal compass get enabled by accident?

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