What options do we have to connect the phone to the board?

Can we connect the phone to the flight controller and control it over micro usb cable?

Please check the documentation before posting support request!

=> planner.ardupilot.com/wiki/commo … -stations/
=> github.com/geeksville/arduleader/wiki

i’m aware of that but i’m asking for something that is not there.
I dont want to connect over the air with the telemetry set.
I want to connect android phone which is on board of the copter with cable to the flight controller.

That’s why i dared to ask here :slight_smile:

Yes, that’s possible. You can connect the phone directly to the micro-USB connector of the APM with a suitable USB-OTG cable.
However, you should be aware that mobile phones emit pulsed radiation of up to 2W, so they can mess with the APM or at least with the remote control.

the phone is also micro usb, can we just connect micro usb to micro usb?
there will be no remote control, the phone will be managed via 3g

in that case would you advise against it?

alas - ehrnrbrt you go from a ‘usb target’ device (like the APM or the 3dr telemetry modems) to a tablet you need a “USB OTG adapter (see the link on our wiki for an example instance)” These adapters cost about $3. Even though the tablet and the APM both have a usb mini connector, you still need to put one of these adapters in between (not just a cable).

If you don’t do this, it won’t break anything - but it won’t work either…

this is confusing me a little
let me make sure

i connect to the micro usb on the phone/tablet the micro usb to female USB otg adapter
and then in that female usb end i connect usb to micro usb cable?

so it’s phone micro usb>micro usb to female usb>usb to micro usb cable>flight controller micro usb

and just using a micro usb to micro usb cable won’t work?

i have no problem buying the adapter just it seems a bit out of ordinary logic :slight_smile:

Yes, though most OTG adapters will have a ‘regular’ not micro connector. That you can then plug in your regular “USB to APM cable”.

This all stems from originally USB was mean’t to be ‘host only’ - OTG was only added to the spec later and it is a bit of a hack :laughing: . The little adapter is not just a ‘gender changer’. It actually pulls a signal high. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USB_On-The-Go

o my :slight_smile:

will this do the job?
ebay.com/itm/USB-2-0-Female- … 23307fb153

yep! amazon also has similar offerings if that is easier.


By the way, have you guys considered to provide 3g/mobile data functionality of your next model out of the box?
Would be nice to update the mission in near real time, no matter the range :slight_smile:

I’m just a hobbiest/volunteer (mostly responsible for andropilot & droneshare), but I’m sure some of the 3dr folks will see your note.