What maximum power consume which peripheral directly consume from Pixhawk Px4?


Please advise, i haven’t found any document which describe the max power consume from external device / sensor connected to this controller.

I’m worry if telemetry, gps+compass, receiver make Pixhawk overloaded. I’m using RFD900+ and set the power transmission to 30dBm or 1-watt and in the document it’s written an information that the max telemetry power consume is 1A or 1000mA.

Does Pixhawk use Power Module as power supply source to supply power to external devices ?

Anyone has experience for this ?

Andria G

I’m working on an article which is not yet ready (WIP), and is on a somewhat different topic, but which exactly answers you’re question, so let me offer a link: http://www.olliw.eu/2019/drone-can-bus-power-schemes/#subchapterpixhawk1

you can see that the 5V input power is going through a current limiter of 1A for the 5V-PERIPH output, which supplies power to serial2,3,4,5,I2C1,SPI,ADC,CAN1,CAN2, and through another current limiter of 1.5A for the 5V-HIPOWER output, which supllies power to serial1 (telem1).

so, you can independently draw up to 1.5 A from serial1 for your telemetry, and another 1 A for the other peripherals (assuming that your power brick provides at least 2.5 A total)

note that this is so for pixhawk 1 and 2, but can be different for other flight controllers

hope that helps a bit

Many thanks for the explanation brother, it’s very help full.

So it’s still safe if my telemetry consuming 1 - 1.5 Amp directly from Pixhawk, isn’t it ?

I only use GPS and Telemetry for my plane. GPS BN-880 is relative small consuming power, it’s about 250mA.

Btw my ESC can supply up to 7A for 5 Volt and Sensor Module can provide 3A for 5 Volt. ESC BEC is only supply for Servo needs right ?