What is wrong with CUAV products? GPS modules defect, V5 Nano internal compass calibration not possible

Hi to all CUAV users. I now have with all of my CUAV products trouble…:

  • CUAV NEO V2 Pro GPS, defect right from the start, has never worked.
  • CUAV V5 Nano, worked so far very good, but under 4.0.5 internal compass can’t be calibrated… despite that, the flight performance is great with 4.0.5.
  • CUAV Neo V2 GPS, suddenly lost all satelites after over 25 flights without any problems. crash into some bushes.

I did today total 7 flights, 6 without any problems. During the last flight gps glitches occured suddenly. The copter landed in some small bushes. I’m asking me what is wrong with the CUAV products? Never had so much trouble with one manufacturer…

I have ordered last week a NORA with a NEO CAN Pro GPS and hope that this setup will work more reliable.

What’s your experience with CUAV gear?



link to the logfile: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AunrEY0aDm-hmz55GK7QJfdE78Hp?e=qbIAqf

I have multiple Nano v5 controllers as well as a couple v5+ cubes. Recently moved some over to a Nora and a v7 cube. In addition to those flight controllers I have a couple CAN PMU units.

For gps/compass I am using a couple neo v2 as well as a couple neo v2 pro can

Except for one gps doa which was replaced right away, I have zero issues. I am a huge fan of the CUAV products

I do also buy directly from CUAV and not via 3rd parties or their aliexpress store

Have you reached out to Lindy for help? If not I could help broker that conversation

I will say I have not moved anything to 4.0.5 yet

Also on some of my bigger crafts I run dual neo v2 pro can gps antennas to prevent any glitching errors from causing me issues

Hi Dave

Thanks for make a statement. I know that you are a big user of the CUAV products.

I searched yesterday for similar problems like I have. I find out, that some web shops sell CUAV products cheaper than the official CUAV store. This makes me wondering if they sell original products from CUAV. I bought my V5 Nano and a NEO V2 Pro module from Foxtech. According to CUAV, they do not order the products from CUAV. So where they order the CUAV products from? This make me believe that fake CUAV products are one the market… So be careful…

My advice is, buy only directly from CUAV.

@smartdave Do you calibrate the compass module from the flightcontroller built in the drone or on the table? I always calibrate me devices built in.

Yes, I contacted Lindy. I’m sure, that she will answering quickly.