What is this on my map and how do I turn it off?!?!?

It showed up when I downloaded the latest Mission Planner?

I have the same issue… confused…

Its controlled airspace, not an issue but areas you should be careful flying in.

Wonderful feature, BUT I want to be able to turn it off or remove it much the way I can turn off airport circles. At this time, there is NO way to do this and I can’t use my map because the fill colors wash out everything under it.

Agree, with that ‘feature’ it’s just not possible to use a map at all… but there are numbers of places in that ‘faded’ area where you can fly absolutely legal, and there are at lease two AMA fields - DCRC club and CASA

There should be a way to turn this off or at least make it less of an obstruction. I am keeping my old copies of MP just in case this does not get fixed.

Try deleting or renaming the airports.csv file in the MP Program folder.

next mp version will have an off option

Thanks for that! Choices are always good.