What is the FC board type of SkyDroid MX450?

Hi all,

Recentrly I got SkyDroid MX450.
I tried to connect it Mission Planner by USB cable,
it succeeded.
Firware is ArduCopter 4.0.5-dev.

I want to upgrade to 4.1.0-beta5 to test T265.
Does anyone know the FC board type of the MX450 FC?
CPU is STM32F405

Thank you.

From the Install Firmware screen hit the Beta Firmware button then the Copter Icon and it will auto detect and install it. Assuming of course that SkyDroid isn’t using a Custom version of Arducopter then you wouldn’t want to update to official Arducopter.

Dear Friend I have the same problem. Did it work for you ?

I’ve got a mx450, would like to know if anyone has successfully updated their drone with arducopter fw?

Ask them

No response from them…

Is there anyway to tell if they are using a custom firmware?
If they aren’t, which firmware would be suitable for this FC board?

I don’t know. They post in the forum for their RC Systems use forum search for “skydroid” and include all their user names in a post.