What is the difference between UDP and UDPCI?

Hi all,

there are different connection options in Mission Planner TCP, UDP and UDPCI. I understand how TCP and UDP work, but I do not understand what the difference between UDP and UDPCI is, apart from the fact that I can specify an IP-address for the latter. Can someone point out the difference?


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one if for receiving udp,
the other Is for sending udp

depends on the device.

Thank you @Michael_Oborne for your answer. Does that mean that the UDP-link is somehow unidirectional?

I tried to connect over WIFI to the Pixracer using UDPCI. I specified the right IP-address but the connection did not work. What is the exact role of the IP-address?

both a bi directional.
it depends on who sends data first.

Okay great, thanks :slight_smile: