What is the best motor for self designed quadcopter?


I have designed a quadcopter. Maximum it should have 2Kg MTOW. The 10-inch propeller can be availed.

Total weight so far (excluding motor) reaches approximately, 1.6Kg.

Under such configuration, what is the best suitable motor that can work with a 4S battery? I need a decent flight time so selecting 4S, probably 5000mAh.

Not mandatory, but it will be better if a product suggested is as per its availability in India.

2kg is getting heavy for a 10" propped craft. You will need a ~1000kV motors for that weight and prop.

because I have calculated gimbal and camera weight too.

Yes. I am also looking for something around 900kv motor.

But I see, at 50%, thrust is quite less.

Do you think, T-motor Air gear 880 KV - https://store-en.tmotor.com/goods.php?id=726 will be good?
I am confused as it produces 430 gms thrust at 50% with 1045, 4S.

If your MTOW was ~ 1700g those might be a good choice.

I don’t see any other good option.

What should be the ideal thrust at 50% for 2Kg.?

I found tarot 4006 620KV, which gives thrust more than 500 grams at 50%. However, the propeller size required is 1355.

500g or more.
Sunnysky makes a 2212-980kV.
A 620kV motor on 6S may work.

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Yeah, so that 500 is fine as per the same calculation.

I like that Sunny sky 2212-980 kv. not available in India

Tarot 620kv with 6S, you mean with 10 inch propeller?

Yes, but not sure that actual motor will handle 6S. I was just suggesting a lower kV motor on 6S with 10" props as an option.

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