What is the advantage of .bin logs?

I always see the recommendation to post .bin logs instead of the plain text version. Beyond the size difference, what to the .bin logs have that the text ones don’t? My interest is this. I want to start keeping my logs in git, along with my evolving parameter files. It’s much easier to deal with text files in source control. What will I lose if I keep .log instead of .bin?


a log file is subject to conversion error.
a bin file is as the autopilot saves it

Thank you, @Michael_Oborne.

Where does the conversion happen? In MP when I download the file from the board?


inside MP. ie could be unit/scale issues.
in a perfect world it would be fine. if only we lived in that

Thanks. This makes sense. The Download Selected Logs dialog presents .bin and .log options. I assumed both existed on the SD card. From what you’re telling me, only the .bin exists on the card, and if I chose .log in MP, it silently transcodes it before saving.


correct. MP is whats creating the .log file on download

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