What is Q_TILT_MASK of Vtol Hexaplane With 2 Front Tilt Rotor?

Hello guys, I want to build efficient and reliable Vtol Hexaplane with 2 front tilt rotors. The first question is what is the Q_TILT_MASK value for this setup??? I checked quadplane documents about this setup, but can not find similar configuration. Is the frame configuration: X type ??. How about Q_TILT_MASK ??? For efficiency purpose, I don’t want to use Y6 frame. Based on some experiments I conclude that Y6 configuration is less efficient than normal Hexa configuration (non Y6). The first idea is to install 2 motors at the front, 2 at the side (middle) and 2 at the back. But how about reliability if one motor fails? I want to learn if anybody has experience with Vtol Hexaplane (non Y6) . Any advice is highly appreciated. Thank you.