What is o TFR’s means?

Hi all ,

What is the meaning of TFR’s check box in the config/tuning - planner ?

Second Question

what is the function of the button "Start/Stop Vario " and it’s meaning ?

What is the meaning of the checkbox " OptOut Anon Stats " ?


Terminal flight restriction, it’s an FAA term.

TFR is temporary flight restriction, restricting flight to authorized participants. A forest fire or other diaster is typical example. The FAA will set up a temporary no fly zone of specified radius and height.

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What about the other two questions ?

I was not familiar with the Vario function, so I looked it up. Apparently it refers to a variometer, which is a device which indicates climb rate for aircraft. I suppose Mission Planner’s Vario function produces an audible tone to indicate climb rate, which is especially useful for gliders and flying in thermals.

TRegarding the OptOut Anon Stats: I assume that this means that Mission Planner is collecting anonymous usage statistics and maybe computer hardware information and sending it to the developer so he can improve MP based on how it is used. Clicking the checkbox to “opt out” should stop it from doing that.

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Check box status "checked " mean send or not send ?

Checked means not send.