What is new on the Here v2 and Here+ v2?

I could not find any information on this.

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My assumption was that the HERE is GNSS, while the HERE+ includes RTK capability. Can someone else confirm-or-deny? Are there other substantial differences?

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Or wait… did you mean “new” between v1 and v2, for both the HERE and HERE+?

(I may have answered a question you didn’t ask, oops!)

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Yes, the question is: what is the difference between v1 and v2.

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The most detailed description I’ve found is here.

My understanding is that the new version adds ProfiLEDs, an IMU suite, and UAVCAN interface. None of these seem to be implemented in software yet, according to the article.

As for the RTK-enabled Here+ v2, I had heard that it was supposed to support hotshoe/timestamp input and PPS sync output. I’ve heard no confirmation of that, unfortunately.