What is kind of sensor can avoid flagpole

Is there any sensor or Linda can detect a flagpole (about 3 cm width or the rope) and does object avoidance.

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Rover-4.0.0 includes improved object avoidance and an updated lightware SF40c driver. My guess is that this 360lidar or the Intel RealSense cameras are perhaps the best choice.


Thanks sir
Does now Rover-4.0.0 support Intel Realsense T265 for Obstacle Avoidance?
I’m really looking forward to using the device for my ardurover project :slight_smile:


ArduPilot supports using the Intel Realsense for position estimation (wiki is here) but I have not seen anyone demonstrate it being used for object avoidance. I would expect that someone will do this in the next few months though.

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Thank you so much for the quick answer!
I am a mechanical engineering student and am working on an ardurover project as my senior project.
I have a lot of interest and I want to learn a little bit and participate in development.
I’m trying to avoid obstacles on the indoor space.
I’ve read your answers all the time and I think lidar is better than sonar.
Can I use only one TF-Mini lidar to avoid obstacles indoors? or need at least 2 for right and left side?

@seonwoo_kim, there are really two separate issues that need to be resolved for indoor avoidance:

  • position estimate
  • distances to obstacles

ArduPilot doesn’t (yet) support calculating a position using lidar information so you’ll need another system to provide that. The two best solutions are ROS and the Intel RealSense cameras.

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I didn’t explain enough, but you said exactly.
We will use Intel realsense T265 for position estimate.
And for distance to obstacles, we will use TF-mini lidar.
I want to use RPlidar A2 but it’s expensive …
Sorry to bother you, but can I use one TF-mini lidar to solve the distance to obstacle?
I’m afraid it’s not enough.
Thank you for always.

A single TF-mini can be used for obstacle avoidance but the issue will be that AP’s object database doesn’t remember obstacles for very long. OA_EXPIRE controls the amount of time but the database’s size will also limit how many obstacles it can see and remember.

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I didn’t know what you were saying at first.
So I went to github and looked for ‘OA_Expire’ and found ‘libraries / AC_Avoidance / AP_OADatabase.cpp’.

  1. Are you saying that due to some reason, there is a limit to the number of Obstacles that can be detected and the time to detect them?
  2. Well then, is that the solution to using Ros?
  3. If it so, is it possible to set waypoints in Mission planner while using Ros?

I’m sorry for the many questions.
I’ll learn more and participate later as a developer.


  1. yes, there is a limit on how many obstacles can be detected and they disappear after 10 seconds.
  2. ROS can also be used as an alternative to ArduPilot’s built in path planning. There is a wiki page here and a video here.
  3. Yes although it requires a patch to mavros which hasn’t been accepted into mavros master. I’ll get back to sorting that part out eventually
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It helped me a lot!