What is good way to do tunning of copter

I am trying tune my hex with cube orange.for tunning of f550 is deficulty for me. Can you suggest which tunning is good.

  1. Auto tune.
  2. Manual tune.

Good day, you can start with autotune setting it as weak so you can control easily your copter.

i attach you the wiki so you can read it


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Start by reading through all of the Tuning Guide
And use ALT A in MissionPlanner, or this helper spreadsheet to set some intial parameters

Once you’ve got the aircraft flying quite stable and GPS position holding (LOITER mode) works OK then you can move to Autotune.

For an even better tune, work through the Harmonic Notch filter settings and run another Autotune.

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Thank you @Dave84. . I will follow this

@xfacta thank for you reply. I will check sheet. Thank you once again

If you get it airborne in Stabilise mode and hovering in ALTHOLD mode get the .bin log and upload to dropbox or somewhere similar and post a link to it - we can check the log.
Best if you can follow the tuning guide first though.

After flowing your guidance my hex copter is sluggish and wobbling. i am attaching the log link is this : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1w8hiyPeyFw3q57U7yCieH1ZF8qWRvsrE/view?usp=sharing

The X and Y axis vibrations are a bit high - most likely prop balance. Z axis (vertical) vibrations are getting into that grey zone too. Check if there’s wiring pulling too tight on the flight controller or anything loose. You might need to mount the flight controller on some antivibration foam or gel - you wont need much for a Cube Orange.
I wouldn’t advise flying again until you are sure the vibrations are better (less) or you risk uncontrolled ascent.

Set these parameters and then lets see how it goes once the vibrations are sorted out. Try to get a couple of meters altitude so the aircraft is away from ground effects. Send another .bin log file after this.

You can copy and paste these into notepad in Windows and save as a .param file. Then load it via MissionPlanner -> Full Paramater List (or Tree) -> Load from File (top right corner of the screen)
That saves trying to find them all and making keyboard errors.

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Hello, may I ask, with your experience, which information in the log file we should consider to check whether the tune is good or not. Could it be the ATT.x or even CTUN.x? To my understand, the less error of roll and pitch in ATT the better it is. How about CTUN?

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Hi @xfacta Good after noon,

Thank you very much for your time and suggestions. I tested my F550 today. i have been used both defaults and yours gains, Compare to default gains your gains are giving pretty control over a drone in stabilized MODE. I am attaching both log .bin files.
1.Default gains:https://drive.google.com/file/d/1oosAR1JWQccQUZjV26zdLvxm1QhMRnVC/view?usp=sharing

2: You suggested Parameters:https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NKPgQRVrN9mwgIRHNbkfxITJh1fMQ7fS/view?usp=sharing

But A little bit of altitude is losing when I am giving ROLL and pitch inputs to the drone.
What would be the next steps can I take, eighter 1.enageg with auto-tune or any adjustments are pending.

Thank you very much

@xfacta Sir, I am suppressing Your recommended parameters, After done with autotune with F550, I get the same RAT gains. After reading your suggestions in ardupilot discussion, I am having doubt. How to find out RAT PID values? Is any mathematical model formulas are there sir to find out these values. :grinning: Thank you very much, sir.

Thanks and regards