What is Difference between *.cpp and *.pde in Ardupilot Directory?

I want to modifying some code on APM 2.6

I’m using APM 2.6 So I’ll use old firmware - ArduCopter 3.2.1

I downloaded it and searched libraries and found something odd.

I want to modify it with Arduiono IDE So I can only handle PDE Files.

the directory is like that :


there are _test in end of file name.

and also, there was *.cpp file :


which file is used for Actual Compile?

where should I modify?

I believe the current code is not modified with Arduino anymore. You can’t load it onto the copter or compile it with that IDE. Some of the old PDE’s where left in that version where the current version has all of them removed. Even the current Arduino ide is converting them to .ino extensions which are just cpp files.


I’m sorry to question about that twice…

so, how I compile and upload to APM…?

Should I modify it with Visual Studio and upload with Mission Planner…?

This is the site for the developing the code: http://ardupilot.org/dev/index.html

I don’t know if the examples work as they were broke but I think they are fixed now.

The tool chain is needed to build the current code but you are building 3.2.1 which does not require some of the newer boards and functions. I have not compiled code back that far. Hopefully the development site will give you some insight.


Thank you, Sir

the truth was that…
library file is *.cpp in Original Arduino IDE, So Ardupilot is same.

That would make sense.