What is compid=0?

I am using CubeOrange FC board and Arduino Pilot v4.0.3, and connecting a separate companion computer to create an environment for invisible flight. However, I noticed the following issues while configuring the airframe environment.

A separate companion computer seems to receive two kinds of heartbeat values from the FC board. One is compid=1 , which appears to be a normal heartbeat. The other is compid=0 and I wonder why I am getting these messages.

For reference, GPS is Here3 and it is CAN Interface. Maybe it’s because of using Here3 GPS? I thought about disconnecting the GPS from the FC board, but the result was the same.

Just a sidenote: do not use ArduCopter 4.0.3. Update to at least 4.0.7

What gcs are you using ?

Is there any reason not to use Arduino 4.0.3? Any issues with compid=0 here?

I used the mission planner.

Then press control-f and select mavlink inspector (while connectes) you will see who sends the extra heartbeats. (switch on gcs comm to see everything)

As mentioned, compid=0 was sent from OrangeCube’s ADSB sensor, and the issue was resolved. Thank you for your help.