What is CAN[124] idle 82.4% and work_thread : 224 free in DF log?

I everyone. I have some problem my copter.

I have 26inch propeller hexacopter. (4.1v)

It have worked well. but someday had problem so I check the DFlog.

I found new message. CAN[124] and work_tread : 224 free

But I retry flight. It works well…

I don’t know what happened my copter.

Anybody know about CAN[124] and work_tread : 224 free message ??

Help me~!

You do not provide enough information, so we can not help you.
Please provide more details and a .bin log file.

You can disable these can messages by setting the CAN_LOGLEVEL parameter. They have no significance for the average user.

Did you solved the problem?