What is better Pixhawk 2.1 or newer versions?


What hardware version is more stable for multirotor?

I see that many drones are using old version Pixhawk 2.1 Cube, but there are a lot of new hardware v4, v5. Why new hardware is not popular? Is it better or not?

Thank you

Newer is not always better. With that said, usually purchase of flight controller is based on the use case. There’s so many factors to the equation of what fc to buy, like space, weight, type of sensors you plan to connect, versatility, quality price and of course how many use it… the more people use it the more development goes into it.
Just my two cents

It’s no longer called Pixhawk 2.1 because of this confusion with our competitors using the name Pixhawk with bigger numbers.

We now call it the cube.

The latest is the CubeOrange cube which is the most advanced Autopilot on the market.

But is you want reliable, proven flight, stick with the CubeBlack