What is "Armed (SAFETY)"?

Beginner question here.
I’m trying to arm my heli, it says “Armed (SAFETY)” and after about 5 seconds goes back to “Disarmed”.
Why is it disarming and what to do to keep it armed?
I don’t want to use safety hardware button and I changed my config parameters as per below screenshot.
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Adjust DISARM_DELAY. The default is to disarm a few seconds after arming if nothing has happened.

Also turn your arming checks back on. They’ll save you or your drone some day. If you can’t arm, figure out why and fix the issue.


Wondering what “nothing has happened” means and what would qualify as “something”.
I’m building a heli, I enabled my servos in Disarmed mode as per below config:

So when disarmed, I move my remote control sticks and servos move.
Then I arm, I keep moving the sticks, hoping that that qualifies as “something” activity, but apparently it does not.

The “something” is usually moving the throttle for take-off.

I do that.
For some reason that is not enough in my case :expressionless:

  1. I hope the bitmask doesn’t include motors
  2. Motor controller won’t run the motor without arming and setting motor interlock HIGH
  3. Something happening is when user tries to takeoff or the helicopter considers itself flying.

Thanks Lupus!
Maybe motor interlock is my problem.
This may be too broad a question, apologies if it is, but can you point me towards the settings I need to check?

Go through heli documentation and setup


Also enable arming checks. They tell you what is bring with your machine.