What is a better plane to learn on?

Hey guys maybe you can help me out. I have multirotors and rovers, and I want to see if I like planes as well, specifically flying them FPV. Before I go all out I want to get a sort of a learner plane so I can learn to fly by sight then by FPV before I just go buy/build a crazy drone that I can’t fly. What would be a good airframe to learn on? I am looking at the Bixler (any version) or the RMRC nano skyhunter. I don’t want to spend a ton of money because I expect to crash a lot since I’ve never tried a plane before. Any input/advice would be appreciated.

it is better to exercise with a simulator.
then try with a traktor plane and NOT a pusher.:wink:

Really? I would have thought a pusher would be better because if I crash nose first there is less to break.

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