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What i have too learn in addition to Embedded System

hello , my name is Mohamed i want to join GoSC+ ArduPilot program
i have learn
Embedded system with C
C++ programming
and now studying python
generally what i have to learn in addition to this course be able to work(join) with Autopilot?
i did not us Linux before so what exactly i need to study in Linux??

and is there any information that i have to now about maybe book or page have to read a laptop with special requirements etc…

Install linux and compile Ardupilot from source. Learn git, that helps

which one of Linux distribution would you recommend?
is it OK with 32b PC

Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. 32 bits might not work. If it doesn`t try Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

sorry i was mean is it OK 32 PC for Ardupilot ?

Yes, but probably not OK for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

is there any other Recommendation thing to learn

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