What hardware to start?

I was wondering what hardware I should use for making a air boat since I’m confused where to start.

Hi @Deboi,

We’ve got a list of supported autopilots here that may help.

For a simple boat almost any autopilot on the list will work but if you have a choice, I’d recommend picking an autopilot with an H7 processor because they are faster, have lots of memory and “flash” space (the space for the ArduPilot software). Also if the vehicle is going to have a lot of vibration then I’d look for one with vibration dampening foam or you can just be careful when mounting it. If you want to save effort on connecting things you may pick one that has good connectors.

… anyway, lots of choices!

Thank you, I’m very confuse where I should get a good one, although where do I wire the motor for the boat?

Start with reading the Rover guide:

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Ok thank you, since I was very confuse were I should start with