What happens at end of mission?

Using mission planner and arduplane code, what should happen at the end of a waypoint mission? I know it usually will loiter or if RTL was set it will return then loiter but what if I want to run the mission again while in the air? I tired by enabling Auto again but it did not head for waypoint 1 but shot off in another direction then entered loiter/circle mode.

Any thoughts or ideas?

At the end of the mission, flight mode change to Loiter over Waypoint 1. If you want to redo the mission, you have to switch the Auto Switch to Off then Auto again to start the mission.

If you have RTL at the end of the flight, you may have to land first before a redo of the mission?



Jump to the specified mission command the specified number of times before continuing with the mission. In the example above the vehicle would fly back-and-forth between waypoints #1 and #2 a total of 3 times before flying on to waypoint #4.

WP # – the mission command to jump to.
Repeat – the maximum number of times we should perform the jump. -1 means always jump

Despite the name, Do-Jump is really a “Nav” command rather than a “Do” command, so conditional commands like CONDITION_DELAY won’t affect Do-Jump, it will always perform the jump as soon as it hits that command.