What happened to RCxx_OPTION?

After updating to 3.6.8, I cant find the RCxx_OPTION parameter for any RC channels. I tried searching the Standard params, Advanced Params, Full Param List and Full Param Tree.

RCxx_OPTION is still shown in the documentation:


RC9_OPTION: RC input option

Function assigned to this RC channel

Here is what comes up when I search “RC9_”:

Here is what comes up when I search “RC10_”:

The results are the same regardless of which ch I search for.

Ultimately, I am trying to set Map RC9 to a Camera Trigger, but i cant find RC9_OPTION to assign it to the camera trigger.

Am I missing something? Did this setting move? or get depracted?

RCx_OPTION parameters were introduced in 3.7-dev, 3.5 and 3.6 versions still call them CHx_OPT…

I admit this is an old issue that the parameter list on wiki is generated from the latest master branch.

huh. weird. i could’ve sworn i used RCx_OPT in the past, maybe my memory is failing me.

sure enough…CHx_OPT is there! thanks!

…so I still control the _MIN, _MAX, _DZ, TRIM, etc with the RCx parameters?

exactly, they stayed…