What happened to position hold in arducopter

Position hold has been in arducopter for a considerably long time,
as of late v3 firmware it was removed, i did not find this out as i continued to use old 2.9 firmware and missionplanner however upon updating i found one of the most useful modes gone!

This mode was great all it did not require use of the barometer which i found to be always a bit buggy,
It also allowed me to control the copter as i liked 1:1 control of throttle.

Loiter is slow and unreliable for me.

My post is to ask what happened to position hold and if/when it will make a comeback.

Position hold has been removed and will not be replaced.

Loiters is designed to hold station and allow small and slow position adjustments.

If you want to fly around, Alt hold is available and there will be a Hybrid mode (Loiter combined with Stabilize) in 3.2

why have features been removed?
this feature was very unique, nothing does the same thing.

i want gps hold, but not reliance on the barometer