What happened here?

What I did:

  • 2 days ago I flew this copter without any issues
  • Yesterday I did some edits, namely enabling harmonic notch (which I had previously forgotten) and some other things like proximity
  • Then I upgraded to a new custom built FW (on Kakute F7 AIO it’s needed for CRSF telemetry to work)
  • I also saved the parameters to a new file on disk, like I do all the time when editing

Today when I wanted to fly it:

  • All the edits were gone (later confirmed by downloading params to disk again) - but I thought well, it flew ok with the old settings, so I’d test those again at least
  • Shortly after launch, the copter tilted to the right and threw a dozen errors at once
  • The log has entries/errors I’ve never seen before, including AUTO_ARMED instead of a normal arming event, and EKFINAV. Here it is: WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free

What I’m wondering about:

  • Is this an issue with this copter (which flew perfectly before), or does it more look like I simply caught a bad latest version with the custom FW builder?


Bonus question (not worth another thread I guess):

From the wiki: “Set INS_HNTCH_FREQ and/or INS_HNTC2_FREQ = below the hover frequency - you can easily determine this by performing a gentle hover and looking at the ESC telemetry data”

  • It occured to me that I never quite understood how to do that, so on my other (smaller) copters, INS_HNTCH_FREQ and INS_HNTCH_BW were simply left on default. But it would be interesting to know what value to look at and what calculation to make.

Sounds like the symptoms of uploading plane instead of copter

This is the file I saved along with the build (I guess it can be found in FW builder history by the hash, but I don’t know how) - is it plane? It’s very hot here so any kind of error can happen I guess…


I can’t see that commit has anywhere - so no idea

I think this should be it, and it was copter (built on August 13):

The feature list looks incomplete though. Of course I will try again anyway. I just thought if I didn’t mistakenly select plane, could this be a bug in FW builder?

APJ used: arducopter-custom-430dev.apj (772.8 KB)

EDIT: It looks like there is something wrong - “Waiting for build to start…” (Build ID: copter:KakuteF7:b6186db24e59b3e319a3b8fc2e76e32232ad5281:d6d38ffae352eb99a648ef07185e4b41)

EDIT2: Finished in the meantime, will flash it later. Is there any way I can make sure at home that it will not do the things it did when I tried flying?

bench test it in stabilised mode with the propellers off it to make sure it does what its supposed to when you give it inputs.

Of course, I just thought there might be a way to specificly check for all those errors I got yesterday - but on the other hand, strike that: I usually have almost no GPS reception indoors, so it wouldn’t be possible anyway.

There was a bootloader issue as well that got fixed recently, but don’t think it affects your board

According to my files, this board was last flashed with_bl on May 2, 2020.