What Gimbal is everyone using?

Hi Everyone,
I have a 2.1 and I’m currently using a two servo gimbal setup (pan and tilt). I did look at gimbals earlier, but so many have been removed from the market and now I’m struggling to find a good all weather option. Please let me know if you have one that is working well.
Cheers, Al.

for what payload and platform?
DIY a option?

Rover, mission planner, Pixhawk 2.1, currently using a webcam on servo gimbal.
DIY is an option, as I 3D printed the one I’m using at the moment.

I’ve been using alexmos controllers for a long time now. I think they are really on the top you can use right now being relatively affordable. If you don’t mind to spend a few afternoons getting familiarized with the manual and building the gimbal ( as I see you have access to a 3d printer ) the results will really payoff.

I designed and built this one for a block camera, it is working pretty nice, if you want to take it as reference. It is using an alexmos tiny rev B and 2804 motors with encoders, works pretty nice.


Hi David,
Thanks for the feedback. I will print off the parts this week and check on availability of the other parts.
Cheers, Al.