What Flight Time for Waypoint Mission

I need flight time when building a waypoint mission.

Although flight time is calculated when building automated survey missions using Mission Planner Ardupilot
I am disappointed that I am not presented with any flight time information when I build a waypoint mission.
Reason for waypoint mission is reconnaissance photo flight of rivers (fly up left-bank, fly down right-bank, launch from road).
Given I need to maximise my mission efficiency based on available (safe) flight time of my battery,
is there any way one can obtain this desired information (most importantly flight time) with waypoint missions?
I understand flight time is dependent on flight speed, and I have included flight speed in my custom waypoint mission.

I would like to know if an automated waypoint mission can be generated,
just like a survey mission is created by automation. (Draw polygon/Auto WP/Survey (Grid))

If an automated waypoint mission can generated in similar fashion to the automated survey mission,
I presume flight time can be manipulated by changing altitude and speed.

With my present method of custom waypoint mission building,
I have to guess the flight time, not good.

I’ve found a work-around to my flight time problem for waypoint missions - Plan B.
Given the flight distance of Waypoint Missions are displayed in top-left of the Flight Plan page (Mission Planner - Ardupilot)
And with know flight speed of your bird, else (MP condition DO_CHANGE_SPEED),
the mission distance can be calculated, and limited accordingly.

Assuming a safe flight time of 8 minutes (8*60 = 480 seconds) with flight speed of 10 m/s,
A flight distance of 4800 meters (10 m/s * 480 sec) is calculated.
However, given that additional power loss exists due to altitude climb & descent, and wind, turbulence etc,
I assume a theoretical 10% loss in potential flight distance.

Thus, a safe flight distance is approximately 4.3 Km (4800 - 480 = 4320).
With calculated safe distance known,
I build my custom waypoint mission according to the limited safe flight distance;

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