What drone to buy in 2020-2021

Hello guys,

I have 3DR Iris+ drone and i was pretty happy with it. But i used it from 2016 - 2018, and after that it was a pause due to child born. Now i think that during last 2 years it should be appeared more developed drones on the market.
I am thinking to sell Iris+ and buy a new one.
Would you please recommend what drone is better nowadays, or probably will appear on market soon?

Thank you.

Good day, iris + still a good drone… if you like the DIY you can upgrade your fc and some hardware on it… like flight controller… you can add rangefinders… etc.
I’ve done an upgrade on an iris few time ago using the control zero and other hardware…

Dave84, Good day,

Thank you very much for your reply.
I was pretty happy with my Iris+ except for signal range and big remote controller size.
Is there any chance to upgrade it, so that it could fly 3 km distance and 300m altitude at least?

Good day, you can add the rfd 900 radio modem telemetry so you can improve the range.
as remote controller im using the taranis x9d plus with hall sensors gimbal, but you can look for the here link.