What does this error message means?

I’m using Pixhwak cube.

is GPS Module corrupted?

I didnt touched anything.

I used it normally with apm and pixhawk.

I’m using Pixhawk Cube and Ublox M8N GPS Module Clone

I calibrated my accel and compass well

but everytime I turn on My Pixhawk Cube I got EKF-Check 0 Error Message

(although EKF-CHECK 0 it is armed succesfully…)

why do it happen?

is GPS Module corrupted…?

I flied APM and Pixhawk succesfully with this GPS Module…

Hi Park,

That’s not an error message, it’s just the hardware and software of your GPS unit.

Regarding the other EKF message I’ll the need to see the exact message because that “Check 0” doesn’t ring any bells to me.

Thank you Sir, Now I have EKF-Check 0 and EKF-Check 2

this is my Result of LogAnalyzer.

I didnt do MOT Calibration although I’m using huge motor(tarot 4114) Can it be problem?

My hexacopter is about 900mm(X6)

I dont know how to see exact message…

Hi Park,

The message EKF_CHECK-2 means that EKF is going over the variance limits and triggering the EKF failsafe. The message EKF_CHECK-0 means the variance has gone down and the failsafe was cleared. Having all those isn’t normal and you should check what is happening.