What do various APM 2.5 and uBlox LEDs Indicate?

Am I correct in thinking I should see a solid blue LED when I got a GPS lock. I can get a lock indoors (according to the GPS: 3D Fix text on the MP HUD) but I still don’t see the solid blue LED. And I don’t see it outdoors either. I do see other APM 2.5 LED activity but not the solid blue LED.

When I press Reset outside, I see the blue LED flash fast for a few seconds. Then I see the blue and red LEDs alternate slowly. Then both go out. What LED sequence is normal on Reset or initial power up?

What does the APM 2.5 blue LED indicate? How about the different flash rates?

What does the APM 2.5 red LED indicate? How about when it alternates with the blue LED?

What does the uBlox blue LED indicate?

What does the uBlox red LED indicate?

Also, does the APM 2.5 Reset button reset the Home position?

I looked around but didn’t see answers to these questions in the manual.


This will help you with the APM led meanings: copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/on-board-leds/
However, I do not think that led information in the wiki is quite right for the rover code at the moment.
As far as the uBlox LEA-6 goes:
The red led is power led and should be on when the APM is powered up.
The blue led will flash at a 1Hz rate once a 2D to 3D lock has been achieved. Otherwise it is not on until a lock has been achieved.
As far as the home position goes upon a reset, I do not know at the moment.

I haven’t thought to look in the Arducopter and Arduplane forums. I assumed they were pretty much the same as the ArduRover forum. Thanks for the link.