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What do the different Cube colors mean?

(Amilcar Lucas) #1

There is a cube black. Everybody knows that one.
The green one is meant as a solo upgrade.
The purple seams to be a smaller one.
There is a blue one on the profiCNC store, but there is NO info on that, none that I could find.
The yellow and orange are on the ardupilot code already, but no info on those as well.

Is it all still secret, or can someone explain a bit about their differences?

(David Koukourou) #2

The blue model is one where all the components are made outside of China (Indonesia or Malaysia, not sure) and then sent to the USA for construction. Its a USA made version to allow the defence industry to use them without a risk of having other countries get in the electronics.

The orange and Yellow are built with F7 processors. One has 2 meg of memory and the other has 4 Meg of memory. The Black has 1 Meg of memory and the last time I checked, Ardupilot FW is about 850Kb in size. The Black also uses an F4 processor (and only around a quarter of that processing is used). Chinese copies will be marketing their “faster processor” so these allow Cubes to sound relevant even though they are currently a bit overkill.

The colour red is saved for a super computer version that does not yet exist :slight_smile:

David K

(Amilcar Lucas) #3

Thanks!! That explained it nicely.