What did i do wrong?

can anyone look at this flight plan and tell me what i did wrong, the uav was working great till wp 5 when it dived at a 45 degree angle into the ground.

here is the screenshot from the logs showing the flight path, no idea why id did a circle around wp1 that wasnt programmed

"what did I do wrong"
to start with - you failed to post .log in a forum with the name “Log files, Tuning, and Analysis of Log files”

you could offer help instead of just being a stuck up douche

here is the log file if it helps

I helped you by enabling anyone to help you, by making you post logs, with a smiley. And it worked, so I am pretty happy about that part of the outcome.
Normally I’d be checking the log by now, but now I must rethink my “stuck up ducheness” and radical use of smileys that can be interpreted as something unkind.

Your baro.altitude is all over the place, you should probably do something to stop the air from propellers reaching your APM.

The APM stopped logging before I see any proof of crash.
This usually means it lost power/browned out midair.

thanks, im still learning,

i did have cell foam over the barometer. as recommended in the instructions, would that alone cause the crash that i had. ?

and i put the flight plan in there as i was more sure it was something i did there .

here is video of the flight and crash


The baro altimeter would not crash it that bad, the sink rate is much higher than would be allowed.
And you should still climb if you applied enough throttle.
Unfortunately, without logs showing the fall, there isn’t much top go on other than the power theory.
Your waypoint list should not be able to crash APM. If it did, you’d discover a huge and dangerous Bug.
I see nothing in the plan that haven’t been done before.

I must add, if my power theory us true, you had an incredibly stable fall. I don’t see no tumbling.
But it too is perfectly possible if it were stable PWM got cut to all motors at the same time, and they were turned by wind on is easy down.
Do you know for sure (know the sound difference) of it having some power or or just being spun by air ?

yes it def had power, in fact it sounded like it almost spun up the motors faster on the waypoints it went into the 45 degree dive as soon at it went form wp4 to 5 , which i believe is the RTL i noticed on the planner that altitude on that is 0 , is that my mistake should i have put in an altitude after selecting the rtl point?

even so i made sure the home was set and it went way past the home point by about 200 ft

before that the other waypoints were at 30 ft and the live flight data was spot on at 30 ft ,

as far as i can see those lags are the only ones generated for that flight so that should include the crash at the end, till it hit the ground and the battery came out

in case this helps, flight plan with actual path overlayed

When I’ve had paths like those the problem was compass issues. I see from your log you have extraordinarily high compass offsets: -180, 87 and 440. With firmware above 3.1 rc2 an APM won’t even arm with such high values.

I’d say something in your layout is screwing up your compass. If it’s not remotely mounted it should be, and if it is, it’s in a very bad spot.

thanks yeah i got a compass warning but calibrating seemed to fix that, i had it mounted about 4 inches above on a post, its part of the gps module. I wil check the module and see whats going on