What companys offer a remote drone fleet operation sollution

i am looking for companys that offer remote live drone fleet operations over 4/5G or another local network.
what kind of commercial sollutions are out there for inspection?

I think “herelink” and you can make your own network like this


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There’s a few.
https://horizon31.com/ and https://flytbase.com/bvlos-drone-operations/ might be options.
You can achieve quite a lot with https://www.andruav.com/ .
Mavproxy or MissionPlanner can support multiple vehicles on internet links (QGC too, but I’ve not actually seen it done).
RobSense has an open source swarm gcs (https://github.com/RobSenseTech/SwarmLinkV2.0).
Then there’s things like:
And the others here: https://ardupilot.org/dev/docs/turnkey-companion-computer-solutions.html
that simplify internet datalinks. It depends what you’re actually trying to do.
The companies providing remote drone security/surveillance and delivery generally develop their own monitoring software

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You can try https://uavia.eu/ there aren’t partner but use ArduPilot

Andruav App and his Linux-Based successor Drone-Engage are now available as part of Ardupilot Cloud and open source.


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Many companies are offering a remote drone fleet operation solution. The service is usually in the form of a subscription based model or a monthly fee with additional charges for each flight. The advantage of this type of service is that it allows you to get started quickly, without having to purchase your own drone and other equipment. I will recommend SkyGird since they are really good.