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What companys offer a remote drone fleet operation sollution

i am looking for companys that offer remote live drone fleet operations over 4/5G or another local network.
what kind of commercial sollutions are out there for inspection?

I think “herelink” and you can make your own network like this

I think it will be help you :grin:

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There’s a few. and might be options.
You can achieve quite a lot with .
Mavproxy or MissionPlanner can support multiple vehicles on internet links (QGC too, but I’ve not actually seen it done).
RobSense has an open source swarm gcs (
Then there’s things like:
And the others here:
that simplify internet datalinks. It depends what you’re actually trying to do.
The companies providing remote drone security/surveillance and delivery generally develop their own monitoring software

You can try there aren’t partner but use ArduPilot

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