What can you do with SmartPayloadProtocol?

Using MMC SmartPayloadProtocol, you can intergrate any payload devices including camera, sensors, speaker, gimbal and more to MMC professional drone platforms.

Using MMC drone platforms resources.
Your payloads can use the power of drone platform and communicate with the flight control system to get valuable information such as GPS, Battery, Time, Attitude and more.

Using MMC GCS/MCS to communicate with your payloads.
MMC GCS(ground control station)/MCS(mobile control station) can receive the video and data from your payloads in real time and send commands or parameters to contorl and setting your payloads.

Design any payloads you want.
There is a Standardized Payload Connector System using in MMC professional drone platform which provides Power, CAN, NET, HDMI port and more. Design your payloads with MMCPayloadConnector to bring your idea to the sky.

Every payload can mount to the MMC flight platform:
GitHub - MMCUAVCompany/SmartPayloadProtocol: Every payload can mount to the MMC flight platform!

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Just want to clarify, you were referring the hardware, the connector not anything else right?