What board is this?


I bought this APM2.8 board from a store recently with the intention of controlling a boat with it. However, when connecting it to mission planner I get a feeling this is a APM2.5 board.

Is there anyway to check this easily?

It is printed 2.8 on the board, but considering how it was shipped when I got it, I also suspect it is a copy from china.

The seller claims it to be an original…

All help is welcome. Thanks.


Good day, can you attach the pic of the board

Generally if it says APM then it is the old 8bit Arduino processor, hence Ardupilot Mega.

A pic would confirm it as @Dave84 requested.

Hrmm… Seems that my upload failed last time. Hope they will be included now…

Good day, this is a clone of the apm, nowaday apm will not be fully supported coz hw limitations.

A clone, as suspected. But any ideas if it is 2.8 or not?

As long as I can do skid steer with it I’m happy either way…

In my opinion its not 2.8.0.
Apm it will not be fully supported for the last arducopter software development

Any proof to that opinion? Might get some money back from the seller if I can prove it is another board.

The usage is going to be a boat for mapping lakes, but I blew the budget failing to do my hull properly, so right now I just want to get it to work without reading the depth.

It could be a 2.8.0 there were tons of those boards around. The last version of Ardurover to support the APM board was 2.5 which was superseded by 3.XX in JUN16

where did you bought the board?

Sorry for long delay. Busy with other things.

Bought it from Ebay…

better you change board…also coz the board will not support new firmwares.