What are these Pixhawk error tones?

All was going swimmingly until I thought I would try a short flight in the back garden just to record a log so I could see what voltage the Graupner VR was giving in flight, see this thread:


I didn’t connect the secondary power supply at all, she armed ok until I plugged in the telemetry sensor at which point the tx gave a low rx voltage and no signal warning, the rx led went out and the Pixhawk gave a series of tones. I disconnected everything, removed the telemetry sensor and connected the lipo again and this is what the Pixhawk now does:


I can’t connect her to MP any more, the error code mention no heartbeat packets received, etc.

Have I completely messed up somehow? All and any opinions, answers, suggestions very much welcomed…

This is how I wired her up:

It’s worth mentioning that the telemetry sensor plugs into the lipo balance plug (which wasn’t reversed).

It’s all a bit bizarre as I spent half an hour with everything plugged in last night when I was tuning a new 32bit Alexmos controller for my gimbal without incident so I guess that the culprit must be the sensor but how or why I don’t have a clue…

Did you attempt Firmware upgrade? That sound is the Ready to Upload IO Board firmware.


Hi, thanks…

This thread reaches the conclusion that it had failed for some reason:

diydrones.com/forum/topics/pixha … 737&page=1

Hey Peter, did you get the pixhawk working or get a replacement?

Hi Santiago, good to hear from you.

Not yet although I am hopeful that 3DR do come up trumps with a replacement. I am in discussions with Vu and Craig…