What are these blocks called?

Anyone know what the blue blocks I have drawn a circle around are called?
I want to solder them to my PDB and connect my ESC to the blocks instead of soldering the ESC directly to the board. I need single blocks. One for positive wire and one for negative/ground.

ESC currents are big, having some kind of screw terminal is probably not a good idea.
From an electrical resistance point of view, soldering is superior.

Yes makes sense. But I thought it could be a good idea, in case I wanted to add a bigger battery in the future, then I could just plug in a voltage regulator and then connect my ESC to it, instead desoldering the ESC

You can use XT30, XT60, or XT90s depending on your load. There are also some newly produced connectors with 3 terminals in XT kinda form or just banana plugs, that you can use for the motor side of the ESC.