What are the SR0 Values?

What are SR0 values and how do they differ from SR1 and SR2? I understand SR1 and 2 and how they control what is sent out via Mavlink, but I do not understand what the SR0 values are for and how and if they affect the Telem1 and Telem2 output. Thanks.

SRX parameters all do the same for the different MAVLink streams. SR0 applies, in a Pixhawk, to the USB MAVLink connection.

That’s where I’m confused. Why would MinimOSD-Extra require Setting SR0 if it’s connected to either Telem1 or 2? In fact, it’s even more confusing because that page states that it’s necessary if I’m running copter. From the Teensy Telemetry Project wiki, it’s stated that SR0 only applies to an APM and not the Pixhawk. If that’s in fact the case, than I shouldn’t need to change SR0 at all as I’m using a Pixhawk (v2.1). I hope this makes sense to you so you can explain it to me. Thanks!

I can’t talk for what other projects recommend. Also APM boards are from before my time so I don’t know what SR0 applied to back then. The MinimOSD wiki page you mentioned is from Jan 2015 so it’s quite possible it is outdated.

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