What are the different channels used for sending commands?

I want to control my copter with python scripts, but I only found one example, and no documentation.
The main command seems to be the Script.SendRC function, and the first parameter is a channel number, but what are these different channels?

Script.SendRC(5,2000,True) # acro//what does acro mean?

Script.SendRC(1,2000,False) # roll
Script.SendRC(3,1370,True) # throttle[/code]

Hi rasen58,

1 - Roll
2 - Pitch
3 - Throttle
4 - Yaw
5 - Flight modes

copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/connec … nd-motors/

Acro is a flight mode so in the script 2000 PWMs are sending to CH5 and I assume Acro is configured for that value: