What are the differences on Telemetries (V.. and MHz and mW)

I am working on a project focused on telemetry as I mentioned in the image. and I have to choose telemetry in 2 sets.Would the values of Mhz, V and W cause any obstacle to achieve this? Does it make a difference whether the telemetries are v2, v3 or v5? As you can see, I will need to use telemetry, which is a receiver, as a transmitter.I have read that I can use v5 telemeters as both a receiver and a transmitter. Can I do the same with v2 telemetry?

Look at the RFD radios. They have various options for mesh configurations that may be what you need.

The country you’re in may dictate your choice of MHZ and wattage.


https://www.robotistan.com/3dr-100-mw-915-mhz-radyo-telemetri-seti-v2-apm-pixhawk-uyumlu?language=tr&h=b664a5d8 Is is enough for this operation ?

Assuming those are just knock-offs of the normal SIK radios they’d probably be fine for normal telemetry (as long as you aren’t going too far) but I don’t know if they’ll work for your configuration. I’ve never setup a mesh or multiple drone configuration.

To me, (again, never set this up so I’m just guessing) it looks like “mom” is going to need two radios, and is going to need to manage the data flow between the GCS and “son”. The documents for the RFD radios suggest they would do that with one radio on “mom” and handle the data flow.

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yes, it is not necessary for a very long distance, I will only design a prototype.As you said, there will be 2 telemetry antennas on the mom.Unfortunately, there is no one to consult with on this subject :frowning: So,i am investigating whether this is possible using 3dr telemetry. thanks for your ideas