What are people usually doing about high autotune P results?

As we know, running Autotune results in high stab_P values.
This makes the copter very sensitive pitch/roll/yaw inputs.

What I would like to know, is what people do about it.
The most obvious may be to lower the P values manually.
Some may reduce RC_FEEL parameter ?
and some may add (a lot?) of exponential in the radio ?

So: what do you prefer, and why ?

i just reduce the P value itself by a couple…leave everything else alone never make more than one change at a time

There’s a parameter AUTOTUNE_AGGR which is the aggressiveness of the autotune, if yours is too sensitive then you can always lower that a bit.

RC_FEEL as I understand it however, is how responsively the copter reacts to YOUR input, not the corrections of the flight controller. So what is too high, the reaction of the copter when left alone or when you’re moving the sticks?

Too high P should result in slight oscillation, which often shows up first when hovering just in ground effect.