What are my choice of libraries to base on for development of new GCS with C++/Python?

My dear friends,

I have been developing custom GCS using C++ and I’m using mavlink/c_library_v2 to make my life easy. But it is very low level and I have to write a great amount of code to handle communication between Drone and GCS.

  • Do you know any high-level libraries that would be simpler to use?
  • What are my choices for C++/python?
  • Can I use python library for mavlink and use it from C++?

I am developing GCS to use with Ardupilot/Pixhawk.


I do not have the complete overview, but mavsdk works with both python and C++. I have not tried it, but I am curious to hear how it works.

For python does also dronekit exist, but I have read that it is not recommended due to lack of maintenance. Dronekit is built upon pymavlink which can be used directly, but is more low level.

There are probably others to which I am not aware of.