What are ardupilots mixing capabilities?

Hello, I’m new to ardupilot (and, in turn, this forum :grinning:.)
I have a quick question: Dose ardupilot support adding a different mixing code for opposite commands, instead of just reversing the output? (eg. left roll=output1, right roll = output2)
Hopefully that wasn’t too vague.

Sorry, but yes, way too vague.

Ok then, what can I do to better define my question?
(Or, better yet, can mixing be done with arduino, C, C++, or similar? if so, then my question is answered. :grinning:)

You can easily add a new mixer either via the cpp mixer file, or a lua script (which doesn’t require source changes).
An example of a custom mixer in lua is https://youtu.be/0p9jmrf1eFM

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