What ArduPlane firmware does VTOL? Rotors with 2 degrees of freedom?

I’m doing a project, and we need a fixed wing drone that has vertical take off and landing capabilities. We are also trying to make the rotors on a gimbal, giving it 2 degrees of freedom. If you know of any firmware or other material that could be helpful for those requirements, it would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks!

what are you using the degrees of freedom for?

We are building a gimbal with 2 servos.

yeah but what will they control? How will it be mounted?

ie forward translation is supported but not sideways, we can do yaw but you can do yaw and forwards translation with two single dof mounts or one two dof mount, see the reversed tri-copter thread.

Our design isn’t complete yet but the front will be mounted to the end of the wings. They will be used to improve low speed agility and go from vertical takeoff to efficient horizontal flight.