What all depends on commands being in the EEPROM?

I’m trying to get it so when in auto mode, the AP only looks at a local variable in the AP_Mission class for the commands, instead of in storage - would like the storage to not represent the real commands.

current idea is simply move the nav commands from eeprom into a variable stored in the AP_Mission class, and, if a mission is running, have AP_Mission::read_from_storage() read the locally stored commands instead of reading from storage

the above seems to work-ish, the problem is i think something else is depending on real commands (oppose to blank ones or random location ones) being in eeprom, but i can’t figure out what

right now, I got an array defined as Mission_Command _commands[718] in AP_Mission, then in AP_Mission::start(), i read all the commands from storage using read_from_storage, and save them in _commands,

ideally i could just use replace_cmd(index, _commands[index]) to put a ‘blank’ command in its spot in storage, but i do this, send the mode auto command and the pic below pops out,

for curiosity, i also tried setting all the nav command lat longs to some random location (in the start() method) and got different behavior, but not accurate either,

any hints or ideas would be appreciated :blue_heart: