WeRobotics - Fleet of Cargo Drones Tested in Amazon Rainforest

WeRobotics (https://werobotics.org/) is an organisation worth following: they’ve been involved not only in some ground-breaking implementations of UAS technology in challenging environments, but have also worked with global leaders to shape the framework for the humanitarian use of UAS. Really important, worthwhile stuff.

Their latest challenge - evaluating “cheap” drones for cargo delivery in the Amazon - involved a mixed fleet of aircraft running ArduPilot. Thanks for choosing and trusting us!

“The field tests were a first for Latin America, using a dozen cargo drones
(different models) and a range of payloads (medicines, diagnostic tests, blood
samples) and distances (2km to 120km). The tests were also unique because they were
carried out in partnership with the Ministry of Health and BD, a leading,
multi-billion dollar medical technology company. The resulting report is itself
unique because it is the only detailed and transparent report on cargo drones
publicly available.” (WeRobotics)

The full report from WeRobotics, including photos, log files and details of their aircraft, can be found here: https://werobotics.org/blog/2017/10/18/fleet-of-cargo-drones-tested-in-amazon-rainforest/


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Drones for Amazon will kill hobbyists and RC modellists because low-floor
airspace will become a commercial good.

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Perhaps you should read the blog entry…

Great application of drones, great to see!